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fianncial investmentA SENSIBLE MANAGEMENT

There are three distinct steps in the management of a portfolio

1. Placing the assets in an appropriate location
2. Choosing the management profile
3. Managing the portfolio




Swiss banking secrecy, among the world’s strictest, has its roots in a very ancient tradition for it is enshrined in Swiss law. Swiss bankers are required to treat as strictly confidential any information concerning you or your account, under threat of heavy sanctions if done otherwise.

In Switzerland, banking secrecy is based on principles of Swiss federal law: the Code of Obligations art. 398, and the Criminal Code art. 260, art. 305bis and art. 305ter. It is also based on international agreements such as the November 8th, 1990 Convention on money laundering, search, seizure and confiscation of the proceeds from crime. In addition, Switzerland was one of the first countries to join the fight against money laundering and tax evasion or fraud. It is on this basis that the Swiss Confederation is considered one of the safest and transparent places in the world.


Bank accounts

Bank accounts can come in several forms: simple accounts, joint accounts, numbered accounts or nickname accounts.

For confidentiality purposes, the bank replaces your name by a number on all documents related to your account. This procedure also contributes to better protecting your identity within the bank. Numbered accounts are subject to the same laws as other bank accounts.



A management profile is chosen taking into account the client’s needs, attitude to risk and financial situation.

A management mandate, in the account reference currency, offers the choice between four profiles: Defensive, Balanced, Growth or Dynamic. This management allows the objectives of each client to be customized, rigor in the investment and a better risk control.



The manager will apply his or her banking and financial knowledge and summarize the aggregate research from our entire network in order to implement the chosen policy and actively manage the client’s portfolio.

The added value of an independent manager lies in the synthesis of all his or her different sources of information.